baskeys is unlike other agencies; we own and manage the vast majority of properties on our portfolio. This means we can provide the most efficient and thorough service to the tenants in our properties. We have a vested interest to maintain our properties and our in-house maintenance team make the process even smoother.

We have a wide selection of professional properties, from city centre studio apartments to a 6 bedroom house share. We can offer you amazing properties at competitively low prices! For baskeys owned properties, we offer both standard rent and all-inclusive packages. Our all-inclusive package means that the rent you pay us will also cover your bills such as gas, electricity, water, internet and council tax.

If you would like to find out more, you can speak to a member of our exerienced staff by visiting the "contact us" page on this site!

Professional Paperwork

If you have already opted to rent a property through us, you can find some documents below for your property application and for your reference throughout your tenancy!